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My inspiration is the nature of things, beings and the extraordinary talent that surrounds, humbles and inspires me. Abstract art knows no bounds and I am in love with the surprise that different blends of colors and brush strokes bring about and the feelings they provoke. I never plan anything before I embark on an abstract journey. The path reveals itself as I keep on painting on.

What I love most about abstract art is that it transforms my mind, my mood and takes me on a journey without leaving my studio. As a teenager I was always very quiet, but being quiet doesn't mean that I didn't have strong opinions or values. Art helps me express myself in a way that is big and bold.

It gives me a voice independent of words.

My art is a form of mediation and I rely on the depth of colors, dimensionality of texture and the softness that blending invokes to express emotions, self reflection and experiences. I lean on diverse mediums and unassuming strokes to provoke you, calm you or  intrigue you.

I am excited to share my work with you. Thank you for visiting. 

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