West Austin Studio Tour May 2019

My very first art show was with West Austin Studio Tour in 2015. So much has happened since then.

I have learned a lot about growing a business.

Sustaining relationships, learning the miracles and idiosyncrasies of oil paints, the beauty of doing commissions because it without fail ends up being a fun collaboration between myself and

my client turned friend or other way around. Taking part in art shows, meeting other artists, art lovers and my favorite the artist at heart.

Being gracious with failure and being confident that a new day always brings new opportunities.

Most importantly growing in my work in a way that fulfills me not just as an artist but in all the colorful hats I wear in life.

Art is my meditation and I am excited to share my sense of peace and joy with you!

Mark you calendars, hope to see you May 2019!

"When you do things from your soul, you feel

a river moving in you, a joy." -Rumi


Visit me during the West Austin Art Tour 2019

@ 904 West Avenue Suite 150.

Two weekend event.

May 11 -12 & May 18-19.


Come by for sips and bites and

enjoy the art. I look forward to it!

Tour # 286

Join me!


Hi & thank you for visiting

My name is Umbreen and

art is my safe place.

My art is a tangible rendition of

what I feel, as life happens. 

It lets me enjoy and cherish

moments that are colorful, soulful

and infinitely peaceful.

Abstract art knows no bounds and

I am in love with the surprise that

different blends of colors and brush

strokes bring about and the feelings

they provoke.

A feeling that is utterly

unique to you! 

 I hope you enjoy it.

-Umbreen Raza Ahmad

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