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My name is Umbreen and I consider art to be my safe place. My art is a tangible rendition of what I feel, as life happens.

Abstract art knows no bounds and I am constantly intrigued by the unassuming emotional journey that different blends of colors, deep texture and brush strokes bring about and the feelings they provoke. 


A feeling that is utterly unique to each individual.

As a teenager I was always very quiet, but being quiet doesn't mean that I didn't have strong opinions or values. Art helps me express myself in a way that is big and bold. It gives me a voice without using my words.

As an artist I find inspiration in nature, my travels and the power of gratitude. The constant reminder that we are a small speck of creation in a vast, beautiful world that comes in many colors is simultaneously humbling and inspiring. 

I begin every art adventure by writing down various things and beings I am grateful for. In many ways it is a form of mediation that enables me to make sense of my thoughts and find ways to cherish moments and memories that are several shades of life, yet through art infinitely peaceful.

I never plan anything before I embark on an abstract journey. The path reveals itself as I keep on painting on. I use texture and blends of colors to paint what I feel and allow and honor the infinity of emotions and abstract expression to find that which centers me. Art gives me purpose.

 I am excited to share my collection or custom create art for you.

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