My name is Umbreen and I consider art to be my safe place. My art is a tangible rendition of what I feel, as life happens.

It lets me enjoy and cherish moments that are colorful, soulful and infinitely peaceful.

Abstract art knows no bounds and I am constantly intrigued by the unassuming emotional journey that different blends of colors and brush strokes bring about and the feelings they provoke.


A feeling that is utterly unique to each individual.

As a teenager I was always very quiet, but being quiet doesn't mean that I didn't have strong opinions or values. Art helps me express myself in a way that is big and bold. It gives me a voice without using my words.

My art is colorful, sometimes gray, sometimes fluid and others times deep with texture and bright with colors, kind of like life.

I aim for illustrations that are deep with texture, fluid with color and unassuming strokes that may provoke you, calm you or intrigue you.

I  find inspiration in nature and the grand adventure we call life. Whether it is hiking the glaciers in Patagonia, or completely awe-struck while watching the Northern lights in Iceland. The constant reminder that we are a small speck of creation in a vast, beautiful world that comes in many colors is simultaneously humbling and inspiring


Art allows me to address the raw and diverse emotions that aren't always mine, while paving a path to cherish moments and memories that are colorful, soulful and infinitely peaceful. It gives me  purpose and direction. 

I never plan anything before I embark on an abstract journey. The path reveals itself as I keep on painting on. I use texture and blends of colors to paint what I feel and allow the infinity of emotions and abstract expression to find that which centers me.

 I am excited to share my work or custom create art for you.

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Umbreen Raza Ahmad 2019