Art is my safe place. My art is a tangible rendition of what I feel, as life happens. It lets me enjoy and cherish moments that are colorful, soulful and infinitely peaceful.  As an artist I work hard to create work that carries a cohesive signature that is an unhindered extension of me. An abstract expression of a moment, a personal story, an awe-struck moment provoked by a person, an emotion or the grandeur of nature. I  rely on acrylics, oils, pastels and inks. They allow me an opportunity to create texture, depth and movement, using light and strokes to invoke peace, calm and more importantly offering you a perspective that is unique to just you. I hope you enjoy both bodies of of my work, it is always a joy to share it with others.


I started painting in my teens. It started out as a means to satisfy a humanities requirement for a college credit. Little did I know I was about to stumble upon a wonderful addiction. I remember my art professor announcing to me that I must be bold as a person, since my paintings tend to carry audaciousness. This surprised me because I was a pretty shy teenager, but it revealed to me that, art is an expression that invokes a powerful connection independent of words. Ever attempt to scream or laugh without making a sound? Art can do all that for us and then some.


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